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Meet the Team

We are a very small company growing roots in Cutler Bay.  As a proud, good-standing member of the South Dade Chamber of Commerce, our goal is to provide the most personalized service that goes beyond your expectations. 

Protecting privacy is important to everyone so we fly only where we need to with consent.  That means connecting with local businesses and communities while focusing on forming lasting partnerships.  All this and more in mind with safety as the top priority.  Every drone flight goes through a strict safety checklist while abiding by all local and federal laws.       

Angel Rojas - President/Licensed UAS Pilot


“As a long time science and tech enthusiast, drones have revolutionized how we learn about and interact with our environment.  Born in Lima, Peru and raised in Miami, my family instilled core values in me that resonate with every hard-working American.  Through loyal service to previous employers I have been able to exemplify and practice good work ethic and integrity.  Having started from M.D.C. then obtained a B.S. in Chemistry from F.I.U., I currently teach Robotics at Somerset Academy Charter High School   and am growing the Robotics curriculum for later years.  To whoever is taking the time to read this: I thank you, and I am looking forward to working with you.”

Mission, Vision, and Core beliefs

Our Mission: Making drone services accessible for anyone.

There are many who gaze into the sky and see birds soaring above the ground, pondering what the view must be like.  Modern drones have revolutionized how we interact with our environment and each other.  We strive to bring this great technology to everyone to help inspire their creativity and achieve their project goals.


Our Vision: Investing and Growing with Our Community.

“Success depends on who you surround yourself with.”  We owe part of our success to the wonderful community of South Dade.  For those with passion and determination there is no better place to be that this nurturing environment.  Therefore, we strive to support the community every way possible, with every flight, by working closely with local businesses, schools, and organizations.


Our Core Beliefs: Protecting Privacy, Securing Data, and Staying Compliant.

Being safe is something that does not happen accidentally.  Damages can potentially be very costly.  Every flight undergoes a strict and extensive checklist to reduce risk as much as possible.  This means staying up-to-date with all current local and federal regulations, surveying an area on ground to protect the privacy of our clients and communities, and using safe and secure data transfers methods for any files and documents.


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