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Red Angel Drone Services & Aerial Photography

South-Dades' Local Drone Service Provider

Our teams’ core beliefs are protecting the privacy of our clients and communities, as well as ensuring the safety of everyone.  Our mission is to make drone services accessible to all.  Our vision is to invest and grow with our community. 

More than just aerial photography

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Licensed & Insured

Flying drones can be hazardous at times.  That’s why every flight is insured and operated by a F.A.A certified UAS Pilot for peace-of-mind, allowing the focus towards your project.  We stay up-to-date with all current F.A.A. laws and guidelines and CFR Part 107 regulations.  


Interested in flying a drone before buying one, becoming a drone pilot, or both?

Are you a beginner pilot wanting to improve your skills?  Or simply curious about flying drones for fun?  Everyone, from children to adults, is encouraged to learn about this great technology and experience the thrill of flying drones.  Get the hands-on basic training needed to safely take to the skies!


Social Media, Cinematography, & Commercial Uses

Drone technology gives way for creative means to meet your goals.  Our equipment can easily capture the best scenes for editing a film, shoot the best selfie for your feed, even create a digital 3-D map of your property for ground surface assessment.  We offer services that can supplement construction monitoring, agricultural management, also virtual tours for both indoor and outdoor structures.

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